nonbar prototype (pack of 2)


The Nonbar is the first nutrition bar that has algae as its primary ingredient. With 42% algae the Nonbar provides the essential micro- and macronutrients, of a perfect meal that is: high in fiber and low-sugar with 16 grams of clean and complete protein. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin A, calcium and iron, Nonbar is a perfect on-the-go meal. Something like a juice, but in a rectangle. Something like a salad, but for your pocket ;)

  • 100% plant-based & vegan
  • low carb
  • radically sustainable
  • delicious

Flavor notes
Starts out leafy and green. A clean floral and honey middle with hints of citrus and vanilla. Savory base with nutty and roasted nuances.

Only a few left! The prototype two version of the Nonbar is launching in coming weeks.

Click image for nutrition and ingredient information. Limited edition of 2500 bars. Currently only available within the United States. Free shipping.