Nontonic (prototype)


Algae-based powdered drink mix. Contains phycocyanin, and extract of spirulina that is a protein and potent antioxidant which gives the drink a brilliant blue color. Each pack contains enough powder to make 10 drinks.

Ingredients +

Whole algae blend from lemna, chlorella and spirulina / Prebiotic tapioca fiber / Organic sunflower oil / Erythritol (lowglycemic fermented sweetener) / Roasted fava beans (fava beans, vegetable oil) / Palm-free glycerin / Xanthan gum / Organic sunflower lecithin / Natural and artificial flavors and spices / Monkfruit extract / Antioxidant blend from malic acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and mixed tocopherols (vitamin E)

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