Both ancient and futuristic, algae is the most resilient crop on Earth. An algae-rich diet is a needed change in the way food affects the environment and something adventurous to reintroduce to our taste buds. The Nonbar and Nongredient are micro-algae based foods that provide vegan protein, omega-3’s and other essential nutrients. The Nonbar is our convenient ready-to-eat nutrition bar and Nongredient is our golden chlorella powder for home cooking. Nongredient has a uniquely mild and savory umami flavor to add to a variety of meals.

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Restarting the food chain

We know that a plant based diet is better for the environment than a meat based diet, but we are also missing out on so many vitamins and nutrients the further up the food chain we eat. Algae is unique because it’s highly efficient at turning sunlight, water and CO2 into vitamins and nutrients, more than any other crop. Because it uses less land, an algae-based food system would eliminate the need for deforestation and allow land that is currently used for agriculture to go back to wilderness and wildlife habitats.

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