Meet the Nonbar

Algae is the hottest new food ingredient and the Nonbar contains more algae than any other ready-to-eat food product out there today. It’s 2020 and we don’t need so many carbs, the Nonbar has a higher protein-to-carb ratio than almost any other nutrition bar.

Grossed out by how sweet all the protein and granola bars are? Tired of same banana, strawberry, vanilla, peanut butter flavors? The Nonbar has a custom designed flavor that complements the natural taste of algae – and it is naturally super low in sugar.

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Restarting the food chain

We know that a plant based diet is better for the environment than a meat based diet, but we are also missing out on so many vitamins and nutrients the further up the food chain we eat. Algae is unique because it’s highly efficient at turning sunlight, water and CO2 into vitamins and nutrients, more than any other crop. It is the original source of food for life on earth and continues to be good for us as well as the planet.

Find out why algae will revolutionize the food industry